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Grégoire Paultre Negel, 40 years old


After a master's degree in literature on Mallarmé at Paris 8 Saint Denis, a semester of post-colonial literature at the University of Port of Spain in Trinidad, a master's degree in audiovisual and radio at the Sorbonne Paris 4 and an experience of the Parisian contemporary music scene (jazz schools, press assistant,....), I went to New York in 2008 to work as a playwright, composer and sound designer for contemporary art and film installations (Miami Art Basel, Guggenheim Collection, Kunstenfestivaldesarts,...). I then worked in 2010 for the creation/tour "Siblings", mixing contemporary theatre and new circus, in Brussels ( Halles de Schaerbeek, ...). In 2011, I will be performing at the Prague Quadrennial where I will also give master classes in sound creation at the DAMU school. In 2012, I won the prize for sound creation at the Satis (Paris Audiovisual Fair) for the soundtrack of the Vittel Water Museum and began teaching sound creation (dramaturgy and design) at the Gobelins School in Paris. I also teach music in Paris in associations and participate in the creation of underground music collectives. In 2016, several musical collaborations were created at the Performing Art Forum in Saint Erme: Raphaël Vanoli, Bonno Lange, Arnaud Laprêt, Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir ( AMOJE project). In 2017, I started as a playwright and composer the Trans:plant Y project with Emilia Giudicelli for the Gessnerallee Theatre in Zurich (premiere in October 2018). In 2018, I joined my accomplice Kasssim Sanogo, thanks to the SCAM/SACEM "draft of a dream" grant on his film: Gao, the resistance of a people for whom I compose the music.

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